M.O.B -Lefty

Method Name:
(M.O.B) Moisturizer, Oil, Butter
Benefits/Why you do this method:
The MOB is my go to method because the state I live in is very dry. This method helps with retaining and locking moisture in my hair.
  1. Apply a nickel size amount moisturizer and use a firm brush to evenly distribute the product and to lift the hair
  2.  Apply 5-8 drops of Oil in hair and use a medium brush to start laying your hair back down
  3. Apply I dime size amount of butter and use a soft brush to lay down any loose strain of hair 
  4. Firmly rag up for at least 30mins
  5. Unrag and use a plastic bag to give your hair a sleek polished look ( steps 1-3 each requires 10 min of brushing)
Types of products used:
Traci Loren Naturals M - eXplosive Growth Moisturizer Cream O - eXplosive Growth Hair & Beard Oil B - Triple Double Hair & Body Butter Side note: use products that is compatible with your hair. For instance I only use oil base moisturizers because water base will cause my hair to over curl.
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