M.B.O -Trav

Method Name:
 (M.B.O) Moisturizer Butter/Balm Oil
Benefits/Why you do this method:
Hydrate/Moisturize my hair. Leaves my hair soft, manageable, and laid. I’m able to go 2-3 days without adding anymore product.
  1. Mist hair with water/aloe Vera juice mixture
  2. Apply moisturizer by patting it in evenly with hands
  3.  Rag back up for 20 mins to allow hair to absorb moisturizer
  4.  Unrag, medium brush session to evenly distribute moisturizer.
  5. Apply butter to seal. Soft brush to evenly spread.
  6. Apply oil with plastic bag/laydownG for added shine and seal.
Types of products used:
TraciLoren Xplosive growth moisturizer, Fluff Lux balm, Diva Nefertiti oil
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