M.O.B -Scoob

Method Name:
(M.O.B) Moisturizer, Oil, Butter 
This method keeps my hair moisturized the best because of the layering aspect of each individual product.
  1. I apply my moisturizer to my hair by patting it in then I comb it in for about a min then brush it in with either a hard or medium brush for 5/10 mins.
  2. I add my oil to my hair applying it to my hands first rubbing it in good then patting it into my hair then combing it in for about a min then I brush it in with a medium brush for 5/10 mins.
  3. I apply my butter to my hair first I put the butter into my hands and rub it in then I apply it to my hair then instead of combing it in I take a soft brush and brush it in for 5/10 mins.
  4. After I apply all 3 products I like to take either a plastic bag or the lay down G and use it for 5 mins just to make sure everything is laided down and frizz is at a minimum.
  5. Then I will rag up with a mesh durag and get under the steamer for about 15 mins to get the most out of my products after the steamer I let the cold air close my cuticles.
Products that I have used that give me the best combo is:
Diva Whet Whet Moisturizer-divahairproducts Regal 7-by myfluffypuffs luxury butter-by myfluffypuffs
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